Door Miser | Anti-Sweat Controls

Anti-sweat heater controls are NOT created equal. Door Miser’s patented technology (Patent #’s 7,240,501 & 8,539,783) allows for a hassle free installation while maximizing energy savings.

Our case-by-case controllers reduces anti-sweat heater runtimes by as much as 75% on freezer cases and over 90% on medium temperature applications, all while capturing precious demand savings. Door Miser’s technology ensures maximum savings throughout the year while eliminating the need for seasonal adjustments.

Uncontrolled, anti-sweat heaters on a low temperature door package consume an average of $300 per door per year in energy expenditures. With Door Miser installed, you can reduce the operational cost of each door by $200 per door per year!

How do save so much energy?

Unlike our most of our competitors, we do not have a predetermined location on your case for sensor placement. By applying our sensor to the exact location that condensation will first begin, we can maximize your savings. Also, we do not “gang or daisy-chain” cases together with a single controller. By cutting corners on installation, you’re cutting your potential savings.

Operation and efficiency

Door Miser was designed to provide for maximum efficiency, through forward thinking technology. With our first anti-sweat controller was introduced last Century, we are way ahead of the anti-sweat controller competitors. No pulsing or humidistat based system for us….full on, full off operation is simply the best means of controlling heater activity.

Ask us about our new releases coming shortly. With over 25,000 units installed, our door heater control technology has proven to be one of the best investments a store can make.