Evap/Condenser Motors

Reach-in Cases

This application type represents the largest portion of the installations we support. Considerations on installation best practices are always paramount in our planning. Our process begins with proper motor selection and bracket type to assure suitable performance. With the vast array of case types evident within reach- ins, bunkers, islands and deli serve-over (as examples) we leverage an expanding internal proprietary installation database that was developed from retrofit experience.

Condensing Units

Many have not considered a retrofit upgrade within the condensing unit application. Presently, there are very few suppliers who can address this request. Typically defined as the most challenging retrofit, most suppliers are not in position to address potential housing fabrication requirements, CFM air flow testing and more to assure a successful project. With EC motors expanding their size offerings up to as much as a 4HP rating, we see tremendous opportunity for our clients to benefit from this excellent motor technology.

From most energy management companies, excluding us, this application was considered the exclusive domain of VFD (variable frequency drive) motor technology. Pulling from our experience, condensing applications are now benefiting from a more reliable solution. Give us a call, let’s discuss if this application should be considered within your site.

Walk-In Cases

Walk-in retrofit motor applications within supermarkets are now a standard discussion within all motor retrofit programs. Even though the average site motor counts are significantly less than the reach-in applications, these motors typically draw at least twice the wattage and should not be overlooked within the project scope development process.

As the primary motor type used within Convenience Store, Pharmacy and Cold Food Storage operations, updating to EC motor technology is considered one of the primary energy initiatives.

The walk-in application offers a secondary means of attaining energy savings. Most EC motors can be provided with a two speed operational mode. In all our applications, we program our motors for two speed operation (high & low settings) in preparation for use with our evaporator fan control technology. By combining evaporator fan controls with the EC walk-in motor, our clients attain significant “additional” energy savings within the walk in applications. Note* for additional details regarding evaporator fan controls, please review the “motor control tab” under our Solutions navigation tab.