Our Services


Our approach at Supermarket Energy Technologies is to educate and assist our clients in attaining a full understanding of the energy efficiency technologies we supply. As a product manufacturer and distributor understanding the applications and their impact is paramount to our mutual success. We believe solution sales need to be treated much differently than a buy / sell transaction. Many will simply take orders. Few will mutually invest in the process.

Installation & Service

In support of our solutions sales approach, Supermarket Energy Technologies offers turnkey installation and refrigeration services. Many clients prefer one call operational support. By offering onsite service personnel we jointly benefit in attaining additional application knowledge first hand. It is sometimes the little things that make a difference in the overall experience. Discussing & addressing pre-existing conditions for example is part of the service responsibility. As a utility trade ally it is mandatory in many regions to use licensed refrigeration and electricians to complete the installations. We comply with this requirement.

Energy Surveys

An integral part of our solutions presentations is the preparation of an energy survey. The survey should be much more than an audit of relative details regarding number of cases, amperage, wattages etc. When completed the report will provide an analysis that supplies solution recommendations, energy savings details based on site details, utility support information and return on investment scenarios.

Inherent to each Supermarket Energy Technologies energy survey, are solution selections based on 21 years of supporting the food retail industry. A word of caution; many new companies are now being established within the energy efficiency industry. Look to those with long standing experience and practices that support the application of interest.

Financing Options

Looking to take advantage of the utility incentives and great energy savings that are available, but find working capital tight for the investment? No worries. Ever considered financing programs that are tailored to your investment objectives?

In many cases, we can structure a financial program that will provide a positive cash flow effective immediately. The process begins with an application and review of credit history.

Utility Incentives

Many electrical utility provides offer “custom” or have “prescriptive” incentive programs in place for our solutions. It is not uncommon for the utility incentive to support up to 50% of the installed equipment investment. A majority of the programs are annual in the fund allocation. As an authorized trade ally for many of the utility companies, we are ideally positioned to attain your maximum incentive values.

If these programs are new to your organization, our staff is available to assist in the understanding of the incentive support process. If interested in learning more about incentives in your area, please send us an email. Please supply: Contact name, Store name, phone number, email, utility companies your sites use.