Cut energy with SET

Restaurant applications provide both uniqueness and standardization when discussing energy efficiency initiatives. Uniqueness displayed in the way that lighting is used to set moods and image. It’s not uncommon to see a wide variety of fixture types and lamp designs in use. In these cases, we need to consider many factors within the retrofit selection process.

Standardization is available within the refrigeration applications. This is where we leverage our supermarket experience to address energy efficiency within the self contained and walk-in storage cases. Confirming proper motor selection and installation requirements are paramount.

We support single sites to national chains. Our clients benefit from a well structured site review process, supported by a financial analysis and solution review phase. Our primary objective is to provide your evaluation team the information required to make an informed decision.

Why consider energy efficiency for your restaurant?

  • Long term energy efficiency attainment. (7 years of more is not uncommon)
  • Nationally, our solutions are supported through utility sponsored incentive programs.
  • Return on investment is typically 6 months – 3 years depending on solution selected, utility rate & incentive program details.
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