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Many ask “how much will I save off my electric bill”?

Others may ask “how can I be assured that I will attain the energy savings claimed’?

Many clients acknowledge that they have a hard enough time understanding all the nuances of their electric bill, let alone all the energy solutions available today. To assist our potential and existing client’s, we offer the following services that were developed to address the above questions and related concerns regarding energy efficiency programs.

Step one: The Invitation.

We invite your company to visit our SET refrigeration & lighting institute. While onsite you will review energy efficiency solutions in operation, fully metered & available for savings validation.

Step two: Application Measurement and validation demonstration

We have invested heavily in this facility. Other than OEM case manufacturers, we are unaware of any other energy efficiency company that has the scope of operating equipment dedicated to energy efficiency testing. We know of no better way to confirm performance, while discussing important application details. In advance to your arrival we will jointly develop the scope of testing you desire. Upon completing the session, you will attain additional application background to assist your company in making an informed decision.

Step three: Site analysis support

By experiencing and completing the application review process, our team is available to address any specific questions you have related to your sites. Additionally, we are available to provide site audits and related energy use / financial analysis reports.
The above supports our primary corporate cornerstones.

Industry pedigree * Certifications & licenses * Measurement & validation.

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