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A name you can count on…

Industry pedigree.
Since 1996, a time proven manufacturer and distributor of energy efficiency solutions & services to the food retail industry.

Comprehensive suite of solutions.
Offering the widest scope of proven solutions that significantly reduce electrical energy use within refrigeration and lighting applications. Substantiated industry experts indicate that refrigeration and lighting use represents up to 60% of the electrical energy use within supermarket applications.

Measurement & validation is in our DNA.

Significant investment within our temperature & humidity controlled refrigeration laboratory. Equipped with various styles of medium & low temp cases (from Multi-deck to Island cases), large walk-in cooler, multiple fan coils and condensing units, along with lighting options for refrigeration and site lighting, enables our team to evaluate and confirm performance of our recommended solutions. It is not uncommon that this site is regularly visited by utility company representatives during their industry research for suitable energy efficient solutions.

Certifications & licenses.
As a licensed refrigeration service company, we know refrigeration as it applies to the integration of our technologies. It is from this foundation that we are an approved trade ally for many national utility companies. Additional licensing includes master electrical certifications as well.

Turnkey & project management.
Many companies are simply product distribution. In our case, we believe in and support a single source of responsibility and accountability. In short, take ownership of the agreed upon task. Our seasoned installers and project management support are well suited to complete multiple solution field retrofits on time and within budget.

Utility incentive support.
With the influx of many utility companies and contracted program managers on behalf of the utility companies, it may be necessary to attain insights about your specific utility incentive program. Secondly, many of these programs are just now coming on line and details are still in early stage development. We are here to assist and provide the application detail & processing support your project deserves.

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